Growing up and getting bigger - What a year!! -- Message from Michael Tilt, CEO

2015 has been a busy and rewarding year for MacroPlan.  I hope it’s also been a successful time for all of you as well. A few weeks ago, MacroPlan turned 30. While we’ve all been so excited about this big event, we’ve hardly had time to stop and celebrate, so we’re holding off on some of our party plans until the New Year.

And we’re not only growing up, we’re getting bigger.  Over the past year, our staff numbers have increased by around 25%, allowing us to extend our footprint around the country.  For you, our clients and colleagues, this means an enhanced and more comprehensive service.  For MacroPlan, it means our family is growing.  And we couldn’t be happier!

To accommodate the expanding family, we’ve had to ‘move house’ a few times.  We relocated our Perth and Gold Coast offices, and in Sydney, we went up in the world by remaining at our central Martin Place street address but taking the elevator up a few floors.  In the early New Year, the Melbourne office will be moving down the street and edging closer to the city’s heart.

On top of all of the exciting operational changes we’ve experienced this year, we’ve also been incredibly productive delivering on over 1500 projects  - a selection of which I've listed below:

  • Developer Intentions Survey - Queensland Urban Utilities
  • La Trobe University Masterplan (one of Melbourne's six national employment clusters under Plan Melbourne) - La Trobe University
  • SAN Residential and Commercial approvals for Wahroonga Estate - Seventh Day Adventist Pty Ltd
  • Regional Centres Study - WA Department of Regional Development
  • Sydney Olympic Park centre potential study – Sydney Olympic Park Authority
  • Moreton Bay Region, Petrie Mill Redevelopment – AMCOR Pty Ltd
  • Edmonson Park Town Centre Market Potential – Frasers Property
  • Central Regions Land Supply and Infrastructure Report - WA Department of Planning
  • Gold Coast Casino and Resort Project – ASF Consortium

So after a hectic but satisfying year, I’m looking forward to a well-deserved celebration with my family and friends, and wish you a special time with those close to you.

Come the New Year and we will be ready for an even more exciting time ahead.  I hope you can join us.

With my good wishes,


Michael Tilt

P: 02 9221 5211 E: