Affordable housing inquiry has wide-ranging remit

Prepared by Stuart McKnight, General Manager for Western Australia: THE Senate Economics References Committee has commenced an inquiry into affordable housing that has a wide-ranging terms of reference relevant to developers, builders, not-for-profit organisations, aged care providers and property investors.

Issues to be investigated include land supply, home ownership, property investment, taxation, negative gearing, National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS), development finance, superannuation and retirement incomes, social implications, aged care, planning policies, funding mechanisms, essential and key workers, sustainability, building materials, community and social housing programs, and the roles of all levels of government in facilitating affordable housing.

The extensive Terms of Reference are available here.

The last national inquiry into affordable housing was in 2008 by the Select Committee on Housing Affordability in Australia.  That focused on barriers to home ownership and had seven issues listed in the Terms of Reference.  In contrast, this new inquiry covers not only home ownership, but also rental housing, community/social housing, homelessness, and with 16 major issues and six sub-issues in the Terms of Reference.

If you are wondering whether the inquiry is relevant to you or your business, the answer is probably, “yes”.

If you would like more information about how MacroPlan Dimasi can assist you with your submission please contact Stuart McKnight, General Manager – WA on 08 9225 7200 or via email.

Submissions are due by 25 March 2014 and the Committee is due to report by 26 June 2014.