August E-News


Message from the CEO

As August draws to a close, Spring is finally in the air! This month has been a busy one with plenty to discuss, including; the national roadshow of Macroplan's Census data presentations, the Housing Legislation Amendment Bill, the introduction of independent plannings panels by the NSW Government, our Chairman's upcoming speaking engagement at Urbanity17 and Melbourne taking out the title of 'Most Liveable City' for the seventh year in a row. [Click here to read the full article]

Is the current period of house price movement unusual?

CEDA recently released a report on ‘Housing Australia’. As part of this report, Macroplan’s Chief Advisor Dr Nigel Stapledon was invited to address the question: “Is the current period of price movement unusual?”. While we like to think Australia’s experience is unique, the short answer is 'no'. The Australian and international experience over the past 50 (and 100) years tells us that Australia’s experience very much follows the international trends. Internationally, land and housing prices declined in the period to the mid-1950s and since then have risen sharply. [Click here to read the full article]

ShapingSEQ - South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017

Also known as ShapingSEQ, the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017 is the newly released regional plan for the SEQ region. It replaces the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009–2031 and was given effect on 11 August 2017. ShapingSEQ provides a regional framework for growth management, and sets planning direction for sustainable growth, global economic competitiveness and high-quality living by a range of actions. [Click here to read the full article]

'Fast Four' with Damian Delmanowicz, Senior Planner

Damian has recently joined MacroPlan in 2017 after a successful 15+ years of planning experience within Queensland. Damian’s statutory planning background provides a comprehensive understanding of the development assessment processes, from project feasibility through to approval, construction and compliance across multiple Australian jurisdictions. [Click here to read Damian's full profile]

MapCloud - What is it and what does it do?

At MacroPlan, we’ve developed an industry-leading solution for the property development industry.  MapCloud is our answer to the Melways in the 21st Century.  Sparked from direct engagement with developers and having been stunned to learn that most new clients have never owned a Melway (due to GPS), MapCloud provides near limitless data sharing potential mixed with MacroPlan’s 30 years of experience in economics, planning, spatial analysis and advisory services. [Click here to read the full article]

The digital revolution, city life and city building

The data revolution has begun but we do not know where it will take city building. It seems unlikely that big data could challenge current city building practices and property paradigms in Australia before 2030 because:

  • The implications of big data are unknown for city building.
  • Urban planning and zoning regimes will not react quickly.
  • There are insufficient systems and processes to properly manage the privacy and confidentiality of data. [Click here to read the full article]

The future of health in Australia

When most of us think about serious medical care, images of a large, modern hospital facilities come to mind. But what if the next time your illness required a hospital stay, the hospital bed came to your home.  And so did the health carers.  You’d be an in-patient who was, technically, an out-patient. [Click here to read the full article]