Autropolis: The Diverse Mobility Revolution

Brian Haratsis has scheduled the release of his latest book, Autropolis - The Diverse Mobility Revolution: How and when Automated Vehicles will transform Australia and why it matters. Autropolis will explain the potential nature and rate of change likely to result from the introduction of Automated Vehicles (AVs) and creates a context which accelerates the introduction of AVs. The timing for change is initially viewed in the book through two primary lenses; market driven AV transformations (the problem) and managed AV transformation (the solution). Autropolis answers the big questions such as how and when AVs will transform Australia, why it matters and planning for diverse mobility.

The Mobility Revolution is the next ‘big thing’ Bigger than PC’s and bigger than smartphones because it will create business opportunities and spatial restructuring from day one. This means property, IT, telecommunications, retail, finance, car sales, car rental, car maintenance, parking and a myriad of industries will change forever and new business opportunities will emerge.

The Diverse Mobility Revolution driven first by Autonomous Vehicles then by Electric Vehicles endures general business scepticism as did other technologies like personal computers. The Mobility Revolution will marry the online, sharing and gig economies to create new business, new business relationships and new value chains.

The Diverse Mobility Revolution will create an average one extra hour per day to allocate to business, family, recreation or friends. Your choice. Can you imagine having one more hour a day available?

This book is an introduction to the Mobility Revolution. Within 10 years driverless vehicles will be common on highways, freeways and major arterial roads. This book is mandatory reading for businesses, policy makers, planners and the general community to understand and participate in a cataclysmic upheaval of personal lifestyles and business practices.

Launching in November, please get in touch with Amy Williams ( if you would like an advanced copy.

About the Author

Brian  Haratsis  is  an  economist  and  commercial  property  analyst.  His  firm MacroPlan  is  over  thirty  years  old  and  provides  advice  to  major  corporate businesses, institutions, local, State and Federal Government.  Brian’s major project work has resulted in the development of Australia’s largest mixed use development,  The  QV;  Australia’s  tallest  residential  building,  the  Eureka Towers and a long list of innovative public and private sector projects. Brian was  appointed  on  the  Ministerial  Advisory  Committee  for  Plan  Melbourne and Plan Melbourne Refresh. He resigned as a Board Member of the Victorian Planning Authority in 2017 to focus on guiding Australia to lead the world in diverse mobility outcomes with Automated Vehicles as the centrepiece. Brian is  Co-Chair  for  the  Australian  Driverless  Vehicle  Initiative,  Policy  and  Risk Group.

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