Book a Census presentation today

The Census gives us an in-depth look at the population profile from many angles – age, ethnicity, religion, household/family structure, education, travel/commuting, employment, income, and dwelling type and occupancy – and at many geographic levels, from national down to sub-local government areas. It’s a great resource for decision-making by policymakers and businesses. In conjunction with the latest Census release, Macroplan's senior managers are offering complimentary tailored briefing sessions for our clients about the key findings and potential opportunities that lie within the data. Many of these findings are highly influential in terms of shaping public policy or focusing development opportunity for the future. Feedback on our presentations to date has been excellent.

Macroplan can present to individual members of your team or as part of a regular in-house team meeting or professional development session. The briefings go for one hour, including time for questions and discussion.

For further information or to arrange Census briefing session, please contact Hayley Collins, Marketing Consultant or call 07 3221 8166.