Businesses want less regulation in Qld - MacroPlan in the press

The SatelliteAdam Davies Friday, 11 July 2014

A LEADING economist has told the state's top business and industry leaders that people shy away from investing in Queensland because it is over regulated.

MacroPlan executive chairman Brian Haratsis said there was a perception among investors that it was much easier to do business in other states.

Mr Haratsis, who was addressing 200 business, industry and civic leaders the Queensland Economic Development Forum on Thursday in Brisbane, said public infrastructure projects would result in the next boom across the state.

He said there were some key "x-factor" projects on the horizon which would create jobs and economic wealth in towns and cities they are planned for.

"Public infrastructure projects will be the next big thing in Queensland," he said.

"Projects such as the Toowoomba Range Crossing, Commonwealth Games, Broadbeach Cruise Ship Terminal and the Brisbane Second Runway will be just the tip of the iceberg.

"You could also throw the Inland Rail project into those calculations.

"If that ever got the green light the first phase of construction would be from Toowoomba to Brisbane which would open up the Darling Downs like never before."

Mr Haratsis said Queensland needed to start cashing in on international tourism markets more effectively, especially with the Asian markets.

"Queensland has a very good and positive brand," he said.

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