Designing communities around better health

Health Matters: Victorian Healthcare AssociationIssue 1 [May 2013]

During the 20th century, unbelievable advances were made in medical science, enabling our society to dramatically reduce — and in many cases eradicate — diseases that had plagued humankind for centuries, dramatically increasing life expectancy around the world.

There will be similar changes in the 21st century, with increased life spans and consumption-led lifestyles combining to bring new challenges and a major shift in the health profile.  We can diagnose many causes of sickness but what are the main causes of health? How do we maintain our health, our independence and quality of life into old age?  How do we reduce the burden of cost on our health care system and aged care globally, through the prevention of chronic disease?

It is clear that medical science alone will not provide solutions to these huge questions — there needs to be collaboration across all disciplines. Scientific research is only part of the process of preventing the onset of chronic disease. How we plan our built environment and the way we design our communities provides a context for civil society, and has a huge influence on our lifestyles and health. We need more endeavours in the planning of our physical environment to reduce its direct impacts on people’s health and well-being, and to facilitate how we lead healthier lifestyles.

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