Destructive Cities by Brian Haratsis - Key Principles

Destructive Cities focuses on understanding the evolution of the services sector, identifying the difference between population-driven services and export driven services and identifying emerging service industries. As a collective the sector is radically changing the structure of cities. Destructive Cities explores the degree of ‘tradability’ or ‘stickiness’ of services and assesses the importance of embedded services in manufacturing and mining and their importance in global value chains. Destructive Cities Principals

The book also suggests that spatial plans and infrastructure plans in Australia should not focus past 2030 because they are based on pre-technology thinking, i.e. infrastructure capacities should cater for pre-2030 demand because radical new technology solutions (e.g. driverless cars) are likely to be operational in this timeframe. Post 2030 a new ‘infrastructure light’, technology driven, private sector funded and driven spatial planning paradigm is required to mitigate the destructive impact of the highly regulated, high cost, uncompetitive cities that characterise Australia in 2016.

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