Exposure is key to securing a buyer for your home

Lillian RadulovaDaily Mail Australia Thursday, 15 January 2015

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Every property owner looking to sell their home knows that exposure is the key to securing a buyer.

Judging by the list of the 14 most viewed properties online in 2014, released by realestate.com.au, the average Australian loves daydreaming about living in and owning a multi-million dollar home, just outside the grasp of a regular pay-packet.

But Sandra Ward from Ray White Dural, who successfully sold the most viewed property in Australia, 'Kaylana' in Kenthurst, told Daily Mail Australia that any seller can guarantee their home is well viewed by following a few simple steps.

'You have to tell the world you're selling,' Ms Ward said.  'The owner was amenable to as much publicity as he could possibly get; he was happy to talk to any form of media while a lot of other people tell me "I don't want the neighbours to know I'm selling". You have to let the world know.'

'Some people's budget on advertising can also be quite limited, but the biggest asset they'll ever own is their own home and whether its $100,000 or $1 million, their investment in advertising for it has to back that investment.'

Ms Ward, who sold the enormous two hectare Kaylana property at 17a Porters Road Kenthurst, 39 kilometres north-west of Sydney's CBD, for an undisclosed price over the $5.5 million mark, admitted that the property's high profile helped to generate the wide exposure it received.

'Kenthurst has become, very much, an up and coming popular suburb. I believe it was the whole style of the house that got people's attention - at one point we had 175 people attend an open day,' she said.

However, she believes that the professional walk-through video of the home's interior was crucial in generating interest, saying: 'I'd do a video on every single one of our properties if it was up to me'.

She also recommended sellers invest in a professional photographer 'every time' and provide an accurate floor plan of the property, 'so that buyers can figure things out, see how their furniture will fit in and so they can see themselves in your property'.

An extensively detailed floor plan is one of the features the second most viewed home in Australia also included in their online advertisement. 

The two-storey, three bedroom home at 91 Osmond Terrace Norwood in South Australia, sold for $1.5 million in July last year.

Brian Haratsis the executive chairman of MacroPlan, told Daily Mail Australia that sellers needed to stand out to their markets by being specific whenever possible.

'My first big tip is to be absolutely clear of your target market. A lot of people don’t get this - they have a beautiful picture but are not sure if they’re focused on an investor market or a first home-buyer market – how you present your ad to an investor or purchaser is different,' Mr Haratsis said.

‘Be clear on the investment potential, so when a purchaser is looking at a property some people want a 'finished product' while others want 'potential'. Decide where you are going to pitch. 

Mr Haratsis also recommended that sellers identify and specify their 'hero effect', which he described as 'one feature that can absolutely transform someone views on a property – something, anything that you've got that differentiates your property'.

His final tip was for sellers to get a professional decorator to prepare the house and de-clutter it for the inspections and photos. 

In third place on realestate.com.au's most viewed list, was the tranquil property named 'Windermere' at 25 Ernest Street Hunters Hill which sold for $11.45 million in July. 

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