'Fast Five' with Amy Williams, National Marketing Manager

Amy is a dynamic and results-focused marketing and events professional, committed to staying well informed on new market trends and initiatives. Amy joined MacroPlan in 2012 and has over eight years' property industry experience. Prior to joining MacroPlan, Amy worked for the Property Council of Australia where she delivered the National Innovation and Excellence Awards. Amy also worked within the Property Council’s Queensland Team where she took on the role of Senior Events and Marketing Coordinator. As National Marketing Manager for MacroPlan, Amy is responsible for the provision of support services across the firm's Australian offices.

You have 8 years’ experience working within the property industry. What is it about the industry that you love?

I commenced my career in this industry with the Property Council of Australia (PCA) in 2010.  As the largest industry group in this space, I was offered an incredible and comprehensive introduction to Australian Property and it was at the PCA where my passion for the industry began.  In my current role as the National Marketing Manager at MacroPlan, I work alongside some of the brightest, most enthusiastic and influential industry leaders in the country.  In addition to this, I'm fortunate to engage with a huge variety of clients across all property sectors who are passionate about delivering city-changing and community-building development projects.  I genuinely love being part of an industry that contributes to Australia's evolving landscape.


What drives you?  Has there been someone or something that has inspired your career?

Continuous improvement has always been a mantra that has guided both my personal and professional lives.  I have always held the view that success rarely happens overnight, so if I want something bad enough, I establish my goal and go about achieving it with a SMART approach.  I'm quite fortunate to have a family who believes in my potential and has always inspired me to become better at everything I do.


You are based in Sydney. What upcoming approved project can you see having the biggest impact on the city?

In the short time I've lived in Sydney, I've witnessed a lot of development and change.  Western Sydney Airport is a transformational project that will definitely have a huge impact on the City (set to open in 2026). In the shorter term, I'm excited to see what impacts some of the rail projects will have on Sydney, including; The CBD and South East Light Rail (set to be completed and services running in 2019) as well as the Sydney Metro, the biggest urban rail project in Australian history (Sydney Metro Northwest expected to open in 2019, Sydney Metro City and Southwest set to open in 2024).


In your view, what will Australian cities look like in 50 years? And how will we get there?

I think there will be some profound spatial impacts following the implementation of Automated Vehicles that will generate the opportunity to integrate our cities and regional networks.  These impacts will hopefully encourage governments and town planners to rethink how land is unlocked and utilised, perhaps shifting focus to intelligent solutions which reduce infrastructure costs and land prices and increase economic and lifestyle opportunities.

There is currently no national authority overseeing the implementation of Automated Vehicles.  First step, in my opinion, would be to establish this authority and move forward with a united agenda.  Brian Haratsis, in his book 'Autropolis' refers to this potential group as the 'National Diverse Mobility Authority', who would collectively set objectives, set frameworks and get the community involved.


There has been communication around some big changes coming to MacroPlan in 2018. Can you give us some insight into what we can expect?

MacroPlan has played a significant role in influencing the urban and regional landscape over the past 30 years.  We're proud of what we've achieved, and we're excited by what lies ahead.  We are in the business of renewal and development, so it was time that our logo and brand received a little sprucing up and a new splash of colour.  Without giving too much away, you can expect to see a modern streamlined logo depicting a sharp, forward-thinking and ready to get to work attitude.  Our new look will reflect our evolving organisation, our refreshed vision and our clear and focused direction.