'Fast Five' with Lainey Haratsis - Economic Analyst

Lainey joined MacroPlan Dimasi fulltime in December 2015, after completing a degree in Property from Melbourne University in 2015. Previous to joining MacroPlan fulltime, Lainey assisted on a part time basis, undertaking market research, data analysis and GIS mapping. Lainey has a diverse range of project experience across residential, retail and commercial property sectors, completing work for both the private and public sector. [hr]

Why did you choose your profession?

I knew property was the profession for me when I realised the large role that property and cities played in shaping peoples happiness, health and lifestyle. I knew I wanted to play a role in delivering properties in the right locations to support the population’s needs in terms of tourism, health, care, diversity and employment.


What disruptive technology are you most excited about and why?

That’s an easy one! Definitely Automated Vehicles. MacroPlan has played a large role in researching the potential future impacts of AV’s and the findings have been fascinating. Just like todays vehicles changed our cities with the phasing out the horse and cart, AVs impacts on future city shaping will be tremendous. It is fantastic working for a company that wants to be leaders in this space and start to work out how our cities will be impacted and how we as planners and property analysts can best plan to react to the disruption.


What is your favourite major project currently underway in Melbourne?

There are so many amazing projects underway in Melbourne at the moment it’s hard to choose! I can’t wait to see Collins Arch once construction is finished. The architecture is unlike anything we’ve seen in Melbourne and with its mix of uses I think it will be a hit!


If you could travel in time, would you go to the past or the future? Why?

I guess going back to your question on disruption, it would have to be the future! It would be amazing to see how technologies such as AVs have changed our cities.


What has been your favourite project you have worked on at MacroPlan and why?

I am so lucky to be in this industry because I get to work on such a range of projects so this is quite a tricky one. One project stands out, mostly because I learnt so much from it, namely a study of Lovely Banks in Geelong. The project involved demonstrating the need to release land supply earlier than council had planned in order to maintain housing affordability due to the increasing level of demand transfer from Melbourne, rather than basing the analysis on population growth.


Contact Lainey:

03 9600 0500 lharatsis@macroplan.com.au