Come to your Census

For demographers, there is nothing more exciting than interrogating a fresh Census dataset.  The Census provides the most comprehensive view of the Australia Population, informing our many clients across various property and related sectors. The ABS has already started drip feeding snapshots of the 'typical' Australian in 2016 but your business interests will of course entail much more than this.  Your questions will be varied… How have our clients trade catchments changed? Who are occupying our residential hotspots? Have family structures changed and the housing we seek? Which regions account for population growth?

As with past censuses, the data will be released in multiple stages. An initial standard data release from the 2016 Census will be available on 27th June 2017. This data will cover a wide range of Census topics and will be presented in a variety of ways.  It will provide basic information relating to place of enumeration and place of usual residence, which will be useful.

Data regarding employment, qualifications and population mobility is scheduled to be released from 17 October 2017. The ABS have noted that the “complex nature of this data means that it requires extra time to be processed”.

While the key geographical standard at which the ABS releases data hasn’t changed from Census 2011, it has been updated to account for growth and change in the nation's population, economy and infrastructure.

MacroPlan will be processing the various Census 2016 datasets within days of its releases.

Please get in touch if you would like for MacroPlan to assist with:

  • Updating past reports and mapping outputs to be consistent with current demographic trends.
  • Providing presentations to help you consider the impact of these trends on your business ventures.

For more information regarding the 2016 Census data release or to arrange a presentation, please contact Hayley Collins, Marketing Consultant on 07 3221 8166 or

ABS Trivia: Which island will be incorporated in the census for the first time and how far it is from mainland Australia?

Answer: Territory of Norfolk Island (1,400km away from mainland Australia)