July message from Michael Tilt, CEO

After a strong run to the end of 2015/16 financial year, MacroPlan has continued to experience strong demand for advice and insight across all property sectors. Many of our clients have been focused on reviewing their portfolios and developing new investment strategies for the year ahead. The national backdrop of new strategic planning frameworks and policies being prepared by government, will continue to drive opportunities and pathways for our industry.

The recent launch of our Executive Chairman – Brian Haratsis’ latest book, Destructive Cities provides a robust, evidence-based understanding of key opportunities across the property landscape driven by Australia’s inevitable structural change.  Brian’s book provides an informative insight into the challenges and opportunities for Australia’s service sector and the continued impacts of globalisation and technological advancements.

I encourage you to pick up a copy of the book through our website. It will challenge your thinking and provide a new perspective on future Australia.

MacroPlan will continue to service our clients’ needs for informed strategic advice that helps deliver Australia’s future property projects.

Michael Tilt