Our projects team is off and racing

August saw the launch of our project management business unit and already the results are showing. With the award of a NSW local council waste recycling facility project, and buoyed by client responses to the integration of project management services into our planning, economics and retail work, the lead up to Christmas is becoming very busy.

Shellharbour City Council (www.shellharbourwaste.com.au) our local council client identified that its facility at Dunmore (http://www.shellharbourwaste.com.au/Dunmore-Depot) required significant improvements in order to maximise the resource recovery effectiveness of the site. With the introduction of a waste transfer station, we are helping council divert 75% of waste received from landfill by maximising the opportunity to generate revenue through recovered saleable goods through its “Recovery, Recycling and Reuse Centre” or increase the quantity of material that council can recycle.

In addition to the site reconfiguration, the introduction of a Food Organics Green Organics (FOGO) (http://www.shellharbourwaste.com.au/FOGO) processing facility permits local residents to place all of their food waste with their regular garden waste into one kerbside collected bin. By doing so, the on-site FOGO will process and produce a nutrient rich compost, therefore reducing waste to landfill and significantly reducing the production of methane from food waste.


With a long career in complex manufacturing and process engineering projects, MacroPlan’s Project Management GM, Martin Abell, is excited to be managing all aspects of the resource recovery facility reconfiguration and contributing to recycling and reducing waste. “Having the opportunity to be part of a project which is at the coalface of environmental benefit is a rare and valuable experience. I’ve been a part of complex private sector production facility reconfiguration projects which inherently have environmental benefits but here, on this project, it’s exciting to see local government investing in the technology and infrastructure that will pay dividends for both the local community and the environment well into the future”.

In our August newsletter, Michael Tilt, MacroPlan’s CEO touched on the value we can create by building an integrated advisory and project management service across our offices, drawing on both our human and big data strengths to really exceed client expectations. With this in mind both Bruce and Martin are excited to showcase MacroPlan’s property data mapping tool MapCloud to current and prospective clients. MapCloud gives developers, land owners and property users access to mapped planning and economic information which enables clients to make informed decisions across the property cycle.

If you would like to know more about:

  • MacroPlan’s project management service offering;
  • How our integrated property advisory capabilities are changing landscape of project management; or
  • Our project management capabilities across waste management, hospitality, retail, residential and urban planning

Contact our Projects team today:

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