Proposed Monash Employment Cluster

The Metropolitan Planning Authority (MPA) is preparing the Monash Employment Cluster Framework Plan to guide future business investment and land use in the Monash Employment Cluster. The identified cluster includes employment areas in Huntingdale, Clayton and Monash University, Mulgrave, Notting Hill, Springvale and Clayton South, applying to areas within the Cities of Greater Dandenong, Kingston and Monash. To support the development of the framework plan, the MPA has prepared and released a ‘Vision, Principles and Key Ideas’ document for comment until Tuesday 31 May 2016.  To support the document, an outlook seminar is planned for 4 May, with a series of business focus groups planned for 10-20 May.  Following this consultation phase, a draft framework plan will be prepared with a final framework plan expected to be released in mid-2017.

The Monash Employment Cluster has been identified in Plan Melbourne (the Victorian Government's metropolitan planning strategy) as a major employment area with huge potential for increased investment for jobs, services, businesses, culture and entertainment.  The Monash Employment Cluster Framework Plan is being prepared to guide the future opportunities and investment in the area.  The Framework Plan will be a coordinating document to guide land use, development and infrastructure investment in accordance with Plan Melbourne.

In releasing the initial Vision, Principles and Key Ideas document, the MPA has noted:

  • The government is backing jobs growth and new investment opportunities in Melbourne’s east through a new employment cluster in the Monash area;
  • The Monash Employment Cluster has Melbourne's largest concentration of jobs outside the Melbourne CBD;
  • The MPA is working on plans to drive growth around Monash University and the business and industrial areas of Huntingdale, Clayton, Mulgrave, Notting Hill and Springvale;
  • The broader Monash area has capacity to draw more investment through smart planning, improved amenities and better transport connections;
  • The new plans will encourage more cafes, hotels, services and entertainment to be built in the east, as well as improved parks, cycle ways and pedestrian links;
  • Consultation is underway ahead of changes to planning rules across commercial and industrial land, encouraging development to increase jobs and services.

The Monash Employment Cluster Framework Plan may affect your land.  It is important to review the initial Vision, Principles and Key Ideas document and if required, make a submission to it.  MacroPlan can assist you with this review and submission. 

For further assistance, please contact David Brown, General Manager - Victoria, today.