Have you made your submission to Plan Melbourne yet?

The Victorian State Government has released the Consultation Draft of Plan Melbourne, Melbourne’s new Metropolitan Planning Strategy.  Executive Chairman of MacroPlan, Brian Haratsis is a member of the Planning Minister’s Advisory Committee who was responsible for the preparation of the Strategy.  Brian was the only economist amongst the group and has played a key role in thinking through how planning for Melbourne can be done in such a way to consider it as the pathway and tools to build a solid economy in Victoria. Although entitled “Plan Melbourne” it considers the relationship between city, peri urban and regional Victoria – a key to having all parts talking and to create greater opportunities.

The Draft Strategy is now open for public comment until 6 December, 2013.

MacroPlan's Victorian office is working closely with a number of clients to prepare submissions to Plan Melbourne pointing out key opportunities with regards to such things as:

  • Public transport options and the development of key sites to create Transport Orientated Designed hubs
  • Key urban renewal sites to deliver on the vision of better use of sites around employment and transport opportunities
  • Airports and their roles as economic stimulators and hubs
  • Location and partnerships of health providers to create health precincts.

Further details are available at the website: http://www.planmelbourne.vic.gov.au/.

For more information or if you would like to consider a submission contact David Brown, General Manager Victoria or Paul Beatty, Manager -Planning  from the Melbourne office on 03 9600 0500.