Where is Victoria’s next demand hotspot?

MacroPlan has developed a model that can predict where Victoria’s next demand hotspot will occur. We have analysed historical migration patterns in Melbourne’s growth corridors to understand the relationship between demand, land supply and price. The model forecasts why, where and when the next big demand front will occur by identifying price sensitive home buyers optimum mix of amenity, travel time and the trigger price points at which a buyer will transfer their demand from one location to another. The model can also forecast where this demand would have originally been directed to and where this will be directed now. The model provides a power tool for the development industry and Local and State planning authorities to make informed decisions on optimal timing associated with land releases to manage supply and affordability. If you are interested in finding out more about MacroPlan’s model contact Somma Sourivong on 0404 079 407 or at Sommanovan.sourivong@macroplan.com.au or Lainey Haratsis on 0433 410 427 or lharatsis@macroplan.com.au.