‘Fast 5’ with Yvette Burton – Senior Consultant

Yvette joined MacroPlan in September 2018 as a Senior Consultant. Prior to this, she was working as a Senior Research Analyst at CBRE. She is a self-driven and motivated research professional with over 12 years experience in economic and property market research. Yvette possesses a passion for understanding the “bigger picture”and uncovering meaningful insights that leads to well-informed client service delivery. Yvette is adept at mixed methods of research along side exceptional analytical, verbal and written skills, communicating with insight and impact. Driven to produce credible and evidence-based research through analysis of large datasets, identifying trends and relationships with other key market indicators and further qualitative and anecdotal evidence.


What has been your career highlight to date?

Whilst at the REIQ I was given the opportunity to create a new research publication from scratch – following the decision to cease publication of The REIQ’s hard copy property & lifestyle magazine. I was solely responsible for creating an informative and highly detailed residential property research publication that would be distributed electronically. Published on a quarterly basis, the REIQ Queensland Market Monitor is still published to this day and is up to its 39th edition. I feel quite proud to have created a publication that is highly regarded in the industry.


Why Did You Choose Your Profession?

Growing up I had always wanted to be an architect but two years into uni it didn’t quite fit and I transferred to the Property Economics degree. With a more math/analytical mind I knew I’d found my career. On graduation the plan was to move into property valuation, however when the opportunity came up to work in Property Research at the REIQ I thought why not? I have since not looked back and have enjoyed being in the property and economic research sector ever since.


What upcoming approved project/development can you see having the biggest impact on the Brisbane or SEQ?

Hands down would have to be the Queens Wharf precinct. On completion, the Brisbane city skyline will be changed forever and along with many other major projects in the region, it will finally put Brisbane on the global stage, no longer the “country cousin” to Sydney and Melbourne. The Howard Smith Wharf and proposed Eagle Street Pier developments will also enhance Brisbane as a river city, so these two projects will also be significant in shaping the future of the Brisbane CBD and fringe.


In your view, what will Australian cities look like in 50 years?

Wow if only we all knew the answer to that question! Well for a start we know that land is a limited resource and with a growing population, the only way will be up. We will also have more satellite cities connected by highly efficient infrastructure networks. Driverless cars, buses and trains will be the norm – and perhaps even cars that fly! Getting around will become much more organic and the built environment will be more responsive/integrated with the environment.

Why do you feel like Brisbane is an appealing destination for investment?

Brisbane is on the cusp of finally “growing up”. The level of public and private investment already underway is evidence that the city of Brisbane has an offering unlike other Australian capital cities. Major projects like the Brisbane Airport expansion, Queens Wharf, Howard Smith Wharf and the Mega Cruise Ship Terminal is going to further strengthen Brisbane as a destination of choice. History also tells us that the Brisbane residential property market tends to lag Sydney & Melbourne’s property cycles by 2-3 years. Now that they have reached their peak, and as interstate migration to Queensland continues to improve, Brisbane’s property market is due for its turn in the spotlight.

Yvette Burton