Queensland Government Forum: The Future of Industrial Development

On Monday, Economic Development Queensland invited MacroPlan’s National Principal Strategic Advisor, Tony Carmichael to present as part of their ‘The Future of Industrial Development’ forum. Tony joined Lavinia Dack, Executive Director, Economic Development Queensland and Justin Sherlock, State Manager Queensland, Logos Property.

Those who attended were given a first hand look at what the future of the industry will look like in Queensland and what innovations have already been implemented in industrial estates.  

Tony answered some of the burning questions about the logistics challenge in growing metropolitan cities and how technological disruption is increasing demand for quick delivery of goods and exacerbating pressure on last kilometre delivery. How do we service increasing demand for fast goods delivery in cities at the same time as congestion is increasing? What are the new technology opportunities for industry - automated vehicles and drone delivery? The new technology of automated vehicles and drones will necessarily have a major role to play.

To learn more about how digital disruption will help solve the logistics challenge or how to prepare for this transformation, please contact Mark Courtney on 07 3221 8166 or at mark.courtney@macroplan.com.au.