2nd annual Future Vehicles World 2017

It is with great excitement that we announce Macroplan’s support of the 2nd annual Future Vehicles World 2017 which is being held in Sydney, Australia on May 2-4. This is the only conference in Australia that is considering the context in which Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) will flourish with the purpose of developing a broader understanding of the ‘eco-system’ of influencing factors so that both the public and private sector alike can best prepare for what’s coming.

CAV’s are just around the corner with many of the most innovative and deep-pocketed companies in the world racing to bring them to market, and for good reason – the economic and social gains they will generate will be tremendous.

Within Australia, states are racing to bring this innovative technology to the market with each state pushing to improve research, reform legislation and prepare an environment where CAV’s can thrive.

Hear from key industry experts including:

  • The Hon. Andrew Constance MP - Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, NSW Government.
  • Raj Rajkumar, Co-Director, General Motors Camegie Mellon Connected and Autonomous Driving Collaborative Research Laboratory, Pittsburgh, USA
  • Niels de Boer, Program Director, Centre of Excellence for Testing and Research of Autonomous Vehicles, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Mark Harland, Executive Director – Marketing, Holden/ General Motors International
  • Ian Christensen, Chief Executive Officer, Excellerate Australia (Auto-CRC)

The conference will be addressing the key challenges facing stakeholders;

  • Understanding the technology timeline, what’s imminent and the various ‘future’ scenarios.
  • Progressing towards a user centric integrated transport system and the shift to Mobility as a Service
  • Assessing the tangible and intangible benefits that will determine adoption by society
  • Developing your organisation to evolve with this transformation
  • Planning for the intelligent transport revolution, the future of connectivity and shift to electric vehicles with an insight to the importance of cybersecurity
  • Reforming regulation and legal provisions to encourage the shift and reap the rewards
  • Effectively capturing value and making provisions in Infrastructure planning to accommodate the deployment of CAV’s.
  • Looking beyond the city –the technology and planning required to transform the supply chain.

For full details on the event program, please download the brochure here {http://bit.ly/2iSNuVs}:

Macroplan clients are eligible for a 10% partner discount – please use promo code ASSN at the time of registering.

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