April message from Michael Tilt, CEO

We’re feeling house-proud at MacroPlan.  We’ve just moved into our new Melbourne offices and for those of you who have visited in the past, we’ve only moved a short way down Collins Street and a bit closer to the heart of the CBD. Our largest team is in Melbourne, and the new space gives us further room to grow.  Even though we are involved daily in the business of where Australians live and work, there’s a buzz when it’s your own new premises, especially in Melbourne, where it all started for MacroPlan 30 years ago . . .

Talking of which, our founder and Executive Chairman, Brian Haratsis, is about to launch his next book, Destructive Cities, on July 21 at Sydney’s Ivy Ballroom, in conjunction with UDIA NSW.  The book argues that Australia is on the verge of an international services boom and that our cities are the new currency of the services revolution.

Another date for the calendar is the annual PIA Congress being held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.  As in past years, MacroPlan is proud to be sponsoring the gala dinner on the final night of May 13.

From the middle of this year, the National Disability Insurance Scheme begins to roll out.  It has been described as a multi-million dollar transformation and growth of the wellbeing market place for Australians living with a disability.  We believe there are new opportunities for the public and private sector to be involved in the provision of disability support.

Another area where we see room for growth is in the ‘suburbanisation’ of apartments around Melbourne.  There is an opportunity to know more around apartment development in the suburbs and around employment clusters.

The Queensland Government population projections 2015 edition were released this week. Although showing no great differences from the previous edition at a State level there have been some notable findings to emerge for these latest projections. For more information click here.

Later this year, MacroPlan will host a one day conference - The Future of Suburbia - in both Sydney (9 September) and Brisbane (7 September).  As the MIT Centre for Advanced Urbanism says: “While statistics demonstrate that the amount of the world population in metropolitan areas is rapidly increasing, rarely is it understood that the bulk of this growth occurs in the suburbanized peripheries of cities.”

Given the Australian experience with suburban growth and development, this is a timely opportunity for developers and urban policy-makers to explore our own suburban futures and join in the conversation. I encourage you to save the date to hear key note speakers Joel Kotkin, Fellow in Urban Studies at Chapman University, California and Brian Haratsis, Australia's leading economist, on The Future of Suburbia.  Click here to register your interest.


Michael Tilt CEO