April Message from Michael Tilt, CEO

It feels like the coming month is all about being on the move. While our Chairman, Brian Haratsis and I take to the skies and travel around the country, there are also a number of major national and international conferences focusing on the dynamic theme of transportation.

First ‘cab off the rank’ is the Australian Road Research Board conference in Brisbane.  Billed as ‘next generation connectivity’, the conference will bring together world-leading experts to discuss innovations and technologies for maximising the economic and social benefits of road infrastructure.  Brian - MacroPlan’s own mobility and infrastructure expert - will be there taking part in one of the panel discussions.

From the east to the west coast . . . where the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) is holding its national congress in Perth on May 9 -11.  Brian will facilitate a panel discussion on the opening plenary day titled ‘Moving around our future city: the opportunity of disruption’, which will look at harnessing the potential of the driverless vehicle revolution in city planning and design.

As usual, the PIA congress will culminate in the popular Gala Dinner on the Friday night, which we are again sponsoring.  On the night, those attending will be encouraged to take up the futuristic theme of the congress - frontiers of planning - and go boldly where others have not gone before!

And back to the east coast . . . where the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA) will hold its conference on May 11 at the Melbourne Arts Centre, and Brian (yes, he does get around) will deliver a talk on the Diverse Mobility Revolution.  As I said at the start, May is the month of movement.

In NSW, where housing supply and affordability have been signalled as major issues for the state government, two new housing codes hoping to address these will come into effect on July 6.  The first deals with low rise medium density and will allow one- and two-storey dual occupancies, manor houses and terraces to be carried out under a fast track complying development approval.  This new code is supported by a design guide which covers layout, landscaping, private open space, light and natural ventilation.

The other new code deals with greenfield housing and aims to speed up delivery of homes in new release areas across NSW.  This code has been simplified and development standards have been tailored to meet market demand, housing types and lot sizes typically delivered in greenfield areas.  Tree planting requirements for each new home will ensure leafier suburbs.

As you may recall, we recently launched a WA e-newsletter so the ‘Sandgropers’ could get more in-depth coverage on their state.  Among stories in the first issue was one on Yagan Square, Perth’s new dining and entertainment destination, and one on why the west is ‘touchy’ about GST.  If you’d like to receive future issues, let us know. (Tip: you don’t need to be from WA to sign up . . . just interested.)

MacroPlan isn’t just ‘getting around’; we’re keen to expand.  If you are a passionate professional who loves property as much as we do including planning and research; and your interested to work with us, you should get in touch.

Finally, I’m on the move myself in early May, with a national company roadshow that touches down first in Brisbane.  Let me know if you’d like to organise a chat when I’m in town.

Michael Tilt