Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce Property Forum

Macroplan's Executive Chairman - Brian Haratsis was invited to address the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce Property Forum 2015. Brian's presentation provided an overview of current demographic and economic trends and how these trends are impacting the property market.

2015 Property lunch e028Brian Haratsis, Executive Chairman - Macroplan
2015 Property lunch e048Leon Kempler OAM, John Brazzale, Paul Little AO, Scott Keck, Brian Haratsis
2015 Property lunch e008Paul Little AO and Brian Haratsis


Brian Haratsis is highly regarded as one of Australia's foremost strategic advisors with a particular focus on private sector property involvement, understanding communities, tourism and social trends. Brian has more than 30 years' experience as an economist, futurist, and strategic planner.

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Presentation topics include:

  • Economy, Future and Strategy planning
  • Understanding community, social and tourism trends
  • Globalisation
  • Australia's future direction
  • Destructive Cities
  • Beyond the Fringe
  • Australia 2050