Cyclical is the new normal in the west

MacroPlan’s office in Western Australia is building for the next round of investment opportunities across the two and a half million square kilometres that make up the state.

Western Australia is a global state with its fortunes firmly based on what is happening in the rest of the world.  The massive investments in the state’s resource extraction capacity have geared it up to be ready for the return of global economic growth.

The current transformation of Perth through private and government investment is a critical element to attract and retain the leading talent needed for a global resource hub.

Brian Haratsis, Executive Chairman and Founder of MacroPlan recently address a forum in Perth, stating “Western Australia is transitioning to ‘normal’ growth following a “super-cycle” of business investment…. and in WA cyclical is the new normal.”

Western Australia’s structural transition back to a cyclical economy means that quality research is fundamental to identifying and developing investment opportunities.

All of the Perth consultants have backgrounds in economics finance and property.  On top of this, they have developed specialist expertise including land-use planning, research and GIS.

Specialists from the national team also work on-the-ground in Perth as when it comes to property, there’s no replacement for having the right expertise on location.

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