The Development Assessment Form 2012

Work recently completed by MacroPlan has featured both in the national and state press in various media publications distributed by the Property Council of Australia. The work relates to the Development Assessment Form 2012 Report Card on planning reform, based on our thorough comparison of state/territory planning assessment systems, which benchmarks each jurisdictions's planning system against the adopted leading practise principles of the Development Assessment Form (DAF).

Our work provides:

  1. An account of the planning system reforms undertaken and envisaged by each state/territory (as an update of progress since the inaugural 2012 Report Card);
  2. A detailed description of each state/territory planning assessment system - the first-ever and most comprehensive account of system characteristics undertaken;
  3. An analysis of the findings of the recent Productivity Commission's investigations into the impact of planning systems on productivity and competition;
  4. A report on the findings of a recent joint Commonwealth-State publication which purports to benchmark development assessment performance across states/territories; and
  5. A scored evaluation of each state/territory planning assessment system.

For further details, please contact our NSW General Manager Wayne Gersbach, on