Draft South East Queensland Regional Plan: Why you need to make a submission

Last week the State Government released the draft of the revised SEQ Regional Plan.  The operative word is draft. The Government is calling for submissions and feedback and it is in every property owner’s interests to review the plan and consider how it might affect your business. The first regional plan came into effect in 2005 and since then, the pattern of development and growth across the fast growing south east Queensland region has been largely governed by its key land use policy tenets.  Once submissions have been considered and the final plan is confirmed early in 2017, the provisions of the SEQ Regional Plan will extend to a 2041 horizon.

This draft revision makes some changes to the urban growth boundary and identifies additional areas of urban growth and areas for potential future growth. While much of the focus by commentators has been on population growth, this draft (unlike it’s predecessor) also makes a number of specific recommendations in terms of employment centres – meaning there are significant implications for commercial property. A number of commercial growth centres have been identified. Commercial, industrial and retail property interests should closely examine the draft regional plan and consider the implications.


It goes without saying that housing providers and developers ought also to consider the plan’s implications and make their submissions. This draft revision identifies affordable living as an objective – which goes beyond affordable housing, but the measures are still to be developed.

The significance of our ageing community is something MacroPlan have researched extensively but which receives passing mention in the draft SEQ Regional Plan. Seniors housing providers and developers may want a more overt commitment to the importance of adequate supply and choice of housing options within the plan.

The Government is inviting submissions until the 3rd of March. With Christmas fast approaching and with the traditional new year slow down always following, we strongly recommend that you talk to us earlier rather than later about how this plan affects your interests and how we can support you in making a well-researched and properly made submission.

For further information or to discuss your submission, please call us on 07 3221 8166 or email one of our Queensland managers today.

Mark Courtney, General Manager - Queensland: courtney@macroplan.com.au Daniel Parker, General Manager - Gold Coast: parker@macroplan.com.au Ross Elliott, Senior Business Advisor: elliott@macroplan.com.au

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