'Fast Five' with Warwick Turpin, General Manager - Retail

Warwick Turpin has recently joined MacroPlan as the General Manager of Retail. He has over 20 years of leasing, shopping centre management and consultancy experience, with a proven track record across a broad range of retail assets from neighbourhood centres to strip retail, CBD centres, sub-regional centres and large format retail. Warwick has been involved with existing centres, expansions and greenfield sites and consistently delivered quality outcomes for a wide range of government, institutional and private clients. He has negotiated many leasing deals with a large number of national tenants including supermarkets, financial institutions and discount department stores. He has also acted as an expert witness.


As MacroPlan’s new General Manager of Retail, what are you hoping to achieve in your first 12 months in the role? 

Capitalising on our unsurpassed knowledge of the Australian retail landscape and ensuring clients fully understand the breadth of services Macroplan offer. Asking the question ‘what other services can we offer you?’ Also, I see big opportunities in engaging with a new set of clients who are perhaps not so experienced in the retail world, helping educate them on the new world of retail. We can offer strategic advice with the confidence that our data and knowledge base is the best in the industry.


What upcoming retail development project are you most excited about and why? 

The way the whole Green Square area is developing is very interesting and is likely to showcase a variety of new retail and mixed use outcomes that could set new benchmarks. We have recently undertaken a significant study focussed on medical related demand in the area which was very insightful and helped us understand one of Australia’s most exciting urban regeneration areas.


Millennials will represent the largest proportion of the working population in the next 10– 15 years, what opportunities does this present to the Retail market?

The strongest characteristic of the millennial shopper is their tech savviness. This alone has far reaching impacts on both the retail and retail property environments. Comparison and click-and-collect shopping are common themes, both of which will continue to promote more showroom space, and customised shopping interfacing with our connected devices.


What is your take on the current online retail market and in particular Amazon’s entry into the Australian market?

The online retail market will continue to grow strongly in line with overseas trends and buying patterns. Amazon will disrupt but bricks and mortar will adapt, as it always has. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-06-02/amazon-massive-raid-on-australian-retail/8580544 - says it all! And hard to disagree with. Department stores and Discount Department Stores (DDS) are likely to be the hardest hit as Amazon eats directly in their fashion and general merchandise markets. The more tech savvy retailers will be best positioned to survive.

Also - Shoppers are already used to jumping online to get a winning combination of low prices and cheap (or free) delivery, but we may see a lot more of these shopping trends:

More undercutting to score bigger overall sales. What we’ve seen with Amazon is, to start with, it’s willing to lose money on some items to get bigger baskets and more sales overall. Amazon discounts could be as much as 30% below prices offered by domestic retailers.

More ‘showrooming’ via mobile phones. People go to a store, spend 20 minutes with the salesperson looking at a television set, then without even waiting to leave the store, pull out their phone and try to buy it online. The stores have no choice but to match those prices and conditions.

More click-and-collect. Supermarkets, stationery suppliers and hardware stores all have big click-and-collect plans.


Whom do you admire most as a business leader?

Bill Gates because of his philanthropic efforts , in particular the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has been running now for 10 years.


Contact: Warwick Turpin General Manager - Retail 02 9221 5211