Greater Sydney Plans - Call for submissions

The Greater Sydney Commission’s draft Greater Sydney Region Plan (GSRP) outlines an update to the 2014 metro plan for Greater Sydney. The draft GRSP metro strategy has set out a bold vision and strategy for the future of Greater Sydney for the next 40 years to 2056. It is aiming to rebalance the city into a metropolis of three unique but connected cities; a Western Parkland City west of the M7, a Central River City with Greater Parramatta at its heart and an Eastern Harbour City.

The Commission has prepared its draft GSRP metro plan in conjunction with the State Government’s draft Future Transport 2056 Strategy and draft Infrastructure Strategy which were also released. The three reports in combination are intended to provide full integration of land use, transport and infrastructure planning.

The GSRP metro plan is to be implemented at a local level through District Plans and the Commission has also released revised draft District Plans. The District Plans will influence the process of land rezoning. When considering a planning proposal to rezone land or alter development standards including FSR and height, decisions by Local Government or other consenting authorities are legally obliged to be consistent with these District plans.

It is essential that industry stakeholders and land holders actively engage with the Commission as part of the District plan preparation process to ensure they are flexible and responsive to the market.

We look forward to working with our clients and colleagues to establish the land use implications and opportunities that the Metro Plan and future District plans present. The draft District Plans and draft Greater Sydney Region Plan are on exhibition until 15 December 2017. Please get in touch with us today to help make your submission.