Join 75 international experts at The Brisbane Global Cafe

Brisbane Global Cafe: Bringing the Future to Life

Seventy-five of the world’s sharpest, provocative and most innovative minds are converging on Brisbane for an historic forum of global importance.

The Brisbane Global Cafe – commencing just three days before the 2014 G20 Leaders Summit in the Queensland capital – further strengthens Brisbane’s status as Australia’s new world city and an influential leader in the Asia Pacific region.

This is a must-attend event for anyone at the vanguard of thought-leadership.

The forum, to be held on November 12 and 13, comprises five key themes pivotal to our future - Improving Human Life; Powering Future Economies; The Digital Age - Entrepreneurship & Innovation; Tourism’s New Frontiers and Cities of the Future.

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This fascinating international debate will feature world experts across a broad range of specialist areas. Included among the speakers’ line-up are renowned biochemist Prof Christopher Leaver from University of Oxford; US demographer Alan Berube; Chinese digital media mogul SY Lau from Tencent; Israeli Digital entrepreneur Gadi Mazor, Thai retail developer Chadatip Chutrakul of Siam Piwat, Hong Kong’s richest woman Pansy Ho and Australia's leading property economist Brian Haratsis. The packed program includes keynotes, panel discussions and short showcase presentations that will be presented in the main auditorium of Brisbane’s spectacular City Hall. Every theme also includes a parallel series of related breakout room discussions for a more intense, granular exploration of key global issues.

MacroPlan's Executive Chairman Brian Haratsis will join Rosemary Feenan, International Director, JLL, UK  and Prof Cam Middleton, Laing O’Rourke Professor of Construction Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK  at the Global Cafe Theme - 'Cities of the Future'  to share his views on 'Building sustainable cities in global property markets'.

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G20-event-with-BH2Theme: Cities of the Future

As the world’s population increases at an unprecedented rate (about 80 million babies are born each year or 9000 an hour) Cities are trying to cope with the challenges that more people bring. Add to this factors such as sustainability, planning, and technology, and you have questions which have never before been raised.

Sharing some of these challenges is an important way in which cities can realise workable solutions. Herein lies the value of the Brisbane Global Cafe – a place where international experiences and opinions can be funnelled to spark valuable conversations. Brisbane’s interconnectedness to other Australian cities in the north and south is unique to Australia and forms part of the city’s credentials as a serious contributor to the debate. In addition, Brisbane’s close proximity to other established and emerging cities in the Asia Pacific region serves to provide a fascinating backdrop to this discussion theme.

  • The global economic centre of gravity is shifting east and south
  • A new global middle class is emerging, they are mobile and have global reach
  • Global urbanisation is rapidly growing and reshaping our cities
  • Technology is driving new systems of exchange, production, and integration
  • The drive for resilience and carbon reduction is re-engineering our energy, transport, building, waste and water systems and usage
  • Some of the questions that cities must face every day and which the Brisbane Global Cafe will attempt to address include: What are new world cities? What are the projects of future cities and peer group cities?


Brian Haratsis Executive Chairman
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Brian Haratsis is MacroPlan’s Founder and Executive Chairman. Brian is an economist and future strategist with over 30 years’ experience as an advisor to governments and major corporate clients throughout Australia.Brian commands an unparalleled, on-the-ground knowledge of residential markets across Australia, having worked extensively and regularly in all capital cities and key regional markets.

About MacroPlan MacroPlan’s experienced and qualified economists align their understanding of macro-economic forces with micro-economic variables such as geographic and industrial characteristics, demographics, labour market shifts, resource demand and commercial realities.  Contact Brian Haratsis, Executive Chairman today to discuss your property research requirements.