July E-News

Message from the CEO

This coming month promises to be a significant one. The Australian population will reach the 25 million milestone, and our growth is happening at an unprecedented rate. The last million people were added in less than 2.5 years – almost half the time it took to add the previous million. [Click here to read more] [hr]

MacroPlan retail series: Food – the saving grace of Australian retail

Retail is constantly being reshaped by the interplay between economic, social and technology, add to that changing customer expectations as well as the emergence of new business models and channels. To assist our clients in navigating this change, MacroPlan are unpacking five key trends that will impact the future of the retail property space.  The second trend in our five-part series focuses on food.  [Click here to read more] [hr]

North West Melbourne Open for Business

What do the Inland Rail, Metro Tunnel and Airport Rail Link have in common? They open the North West of Melbourne for Business! By 2025 the North West of Melbourne will host the Inland Rail of the Western Interstate Freight Terminal and both the Metro Tunnel and Airport Rail Link will be operational. [Click here to read more] [hr]


'Fast Five' with Ellis Davies - Manager, Retail

Ellis joined MacroPlan as a Manager in the retail division in January 2012. Prior to starting at MacroPlan he was a Principal Consultant (Retail) at Pitney Bowes Business Insight. Ellis started working in the field of economic research and retail analysis in 2003, when he joined Dimasi Strategic Research.  He has worked on numerous retail economic assessments throughout Australia, including providing supply and demand analysis, examining market potential and investigating potential economic impacts from proposed shopping centre developments (i.e. EIAs). [Click here to read more] [hr]

MacroPlan Project of the Month: Cassowary Coast Tourism Project, North Queensland

Cassowary Coast Regional Council contracted MacroPlan to undertake an audit of the state of play of tourism at the international, national and regional level to contextualise the opportunities and challenges for the Council to re-purpose the 18.2 hectare Kareeya Hydro Power Station former worker’s village at Cardstone deep in the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Tropical Rainforest adjacent to the beautiful Tully River and gorge. [Click here to read more] [hr]

Dubious ‘Downsizers’ Demand Driver Debunked

There has been a lot of hubbub and buzz about ‘downsizers’ in the media recently. Demographer Bernard Salt has even described the movement as “the next iteration beyond the sea and tree change”. An article published in The Australian (Downsizing Baby Boomers Seize the Day, Robyn Ironside, 17th July 2018) even quotes a local real estate agent claiming that downsizers are “the largest part of the market at the moment”. [Click here to read more] [hr]

Hypothetical Thought Starter: Urban Planning and Land Use for Connected and Automated Vehicles

The objective of this paper is to raise public awareness and engage thought leaders to identify paths forward and potential barriers/risks, and to encourage discussion on a new policy mix to reshape cities. [Click here to read more] [hr]