Layer upon layer

It turns out that ‘layer upon layer’ is not only the recipe for an excellent pastry - as a famous cake company used to boast - it’s also an incredibly effective way to view mapping information when assessing development sites. ‘When considering a potential location for development, a person might be looking at a range of websites at any one time,’ says Joel Taylor, Macroplan’s National Manager Business Development and Advisory.

‘They will check out such information as age and income demographics of the area, council boundaries and constraints, development and infrastructure plans in the pipeline, and so on.

‘A developer might have 20 different tabs open on their computer and be jumping back and forth between websites, trying to come to grips with the total picture.

‘With our newly released MapCloud product, they can simply turn one layer on, and then another layer on top of that, building up a single image which incorporates all the relevant data as it relates to the specific location,’ says Joel.

MapCloud takes information that already exists in multiple databases and brings it together in a much easier and much more portable way than has been possible for clients before.’

Macroplan developed this capability for incorporating different spatial elements, all at once, for use in the preparation of commissioned reports.

‘We’ve had the pleasure of using it in-house, for some time.  Of course, we could afford to invest in developing the technology because we service so many clients.  Now, for the first time, we are offering this valuable tool to our clients so they can act independently and swiftly to take advantage of market opportunities.’

MapCloud is the ‘home’ of Macroplan’s online applications.  The first two of these applications are LandShark and Mapped.

LandShark is designed for those interested in greenfield development sites.  It overlays town planning structure plans, land boundaries and other significant features to show future land use configuration.

Mapped is a platform which allows key industry sectors to undertake demand, supply and pricing analyses.

‘Because MapCloud enables users to see data mapped on their own hand-held devices and PCs, subscribers have unprecedented access to up-to-date information anywhere and at anytime.

‘And you don’t have to understand ‘big data’ or ‘cloud technology’.  MapCloud is incredibly user friendly,’ says Joel.

Curious to find out what everyone is so excited about?

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About the author:

Joel Taylor is MacroPlan’s Natonal Manager – Business Development.

Joel re-joined MacroPlan in 2012 following five years in high profile national advisory roles with Wesfarmers (with both Kmart and the Coles Group) where he undertook store network planning and site identification.  Prior to his stint with Wesfarmers, Joel managed MacroPlan’s National Property Research Team where he advised on major projects, urban renewal initiatives and transit orientated development. This broad base allows Joel particular specialisation and understanding of mixed use concepts.

The swift progression to Senior Management is due to a combination of hard work and a commitment to achieving maximum results – transferring this extensive market knowledge to our national client base is now his focus.