NRAS: Optimise your submission

National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) Round 5 is open for submissions — LAST ROUND NRAS commenced in 2008 and aims to address the shortage of affordable rental housing in both Greenfield and infill developments across Australia. Under NRAS, successful applicants will be eligible to receive an incentive for each approved rental dwelling.

In round five, the Federal Government has allocated 10,000 incentives each worth $9,981 per year per dwelling for new affordable rental homes or apartments which are made available for low to moderate income tenants at 20% below the market value rent.

NRAS: Is your Development Eligible?

  • Is your development eligible?
  • Do you have the capabilities to submit a winning bid?
  • How are you providing the market evidence for the need of NRAS in that location?

MacroPlan has been involved with NRAS since it’s inception as the Round 1 Facilitator on behalf of Fahcsia preparing submissions for both Government and private clients in Greenfield and infill locations across Australia.

If you would like more about how MacroPlan can assist you with your NRAS submission please contact Jason Anderson, Chief Economist on 02 9221 5211 or via email. 

Applications for NRAS round 5 will close on 6 August 2013. For more information on eligibility please visit