September Message from Michael Tilt, CEO

It was certainly a busy month across the Nation for our team. The future of cities was a common theme across the offices, whether it be in metropolitan or regional cities.  Brian Haratsis, our Chairman presented at the Urbanity conference held in Brisbane in September on the impact of autonomous, electric and shared vehicles on spatial planning and the real estate industry. His talk highlighted what happens when global technologies collide with cities. I encourage you to have a read through the presentation. Congratulations to our many clients who received awards for their industry leading projects.

The NSW Minister for Planning and Housing also recently launched the Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan. It is the first metropolitan plan prepared outside a capital city in Australia and is the key to unlocking the future of Greater Newcastle. As Minister Roberts said, “The new Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan provides the platform to attract more businesses and skilled workers, and to maximise the commercial business opportunities of the Port of Newcastle and Newcastle’s expanding airport, bringing greater exports and critical tourism capital”. MacroPlan is very proud to be a member of the core consulting team to deliver the first ever metropolitan plan for Greater Newcastle. Link to the plan:

The National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC) is a Commonwealth agency dedicated to improving housing outcomes. The NHFIC offers loans, investments and grants to encourage investment in housing, with a particular focus on affordable housing, which forms a key part of the Australian Government’s plan to help reduce pressure on housing affordability. MacroPlan has substantial expertise in housing, property economics and financing. If you need help with applying for this funding, please contact one of offices to speak to a MacroPlan expert for tailored assistance.

I also had the pleasure of attending a major presentation by Warwick Turpin, our General Manager of Retail, who was the keynote speaker at the September Property Leaders Event at the Sydney Savills office. The theme of the evening was ‘Reinventing Retail’ and Warwick spoke about the growth and increasing importance of ‘non-retail’ within shopping centres and shopping centre precincts. MacroPlan has tracked the increasing proportion of ‘non-retail’ footprints in all shopping centre classes across Australia since 2000 and its implications for landlords. We identified 9 key reasons for landlords to continue to consider adding ‘non-retail’ GLA. To discuss the trends, please contact Warwick on 0438 675 397 or

Finally, I would like to welcome all the new staff who joined the MacroPlan team in September.  The high calibre of new staff is certainly a welcome addition to the national offices. The demand for Macroplan continues to grow, particularity with the recent changes in market fundamentals, the strategic direction from Government and the investment focus of our clients.

I look forward to personally catching up with many of you over the next month.

Michael Tilt Chief Executive Officer