One vision - from start to finish

How do you disrupt a traditional industry which is paper-based and focused on producing extensive reports, freeing it up so that its people can collaborate more transparently to create better buildings and better cities? MacroPlan believes it has the answer, with a new service that offers the industry an integrated package involving market-based project sizing and strategy, planning navigation and approval delivery, achieved by working with our clients at the earliest stage of site and project identification.  Our project approach is tailored to meet tenant requirements and achieve client investment benchmarks.

MacroPlan has realised that the right stage to be injecting innovation into a project’s life is at the very start.  Our new Projects Division will work with 100s of individuals across a project, so if we can be there at the outset, we can establish a culture of collaboration and set the expectation around how and why a project can make a difference.  In our discussions with people, this is something that no one else is doing or even thinking about.

Michael Tilt, MacroPlan's CEO, says:  ‘We knew the solution was going to be driven by technology, and we have been investing in and developing that technology for some time. We wanted to be the first to build a modern tech-enabled property and project consultancy.’

How will clients experience the new service that we are developing? Bruce van Niekerk, MacroPlan’s General Manager – Operations and Innovation, explains:

‘We can present a client with the evidence base and planning rationale around their site on a 3D map, alongside other development activity in the area.  This will be presented in an online platform that the client can access at any time, and in such a simple form that our clients are readily empowered to use it as a tool for working with their own internal stakeholders.

‘Once we have a solid set of development parameters, we can then go to council with the same online touch-and-feel experience, showing everything that is going on from a construction and development point of view in the immediate area, providing context for the approval process.

‘Beyond approvals, as project leaders, we can take the established expectations for a project, and in conjunction with the mapping platform, have a visual foundation for engaging with design consultants and the broader project team so that they can very quickly understand what we are doing and why.

‘This is going to allow clients to have consistency of vision throughout their projects.  We will be able to use that clear vision to easily test any decision that’s made through a project, and ask: ‘Does it align with why we started the process? How does it fit into the context of the local community as well as the site?  Are the elements of the building itself going to respond well to the street scape and positively impact users?’.

‘We can test those questions because, from day one, we are helping to size the project, underpinned by accurate market research, which informs the development philosophy for the project, in a manner that can be articulated to assessment authorities and the community alike.  And that’s something that no one else is doing,’ says Bruce.

Would you like to know more about MacroPlan’s new service offering?  Contact our Projects team today:

Martin Abell, General Manager – Projects or 0403 750 255

Bruce van Niekerk, General Manager – Operations and Innovation or 0437 586 571

For all other enquires, please contact Michael Tilt, CEO on 02 9221 5211 or