Proposed Amendment C270 to the Melbourne Planning Scheme

The Victorian Government has placed Amendment C270 on exhibition to guide building heights and plot ratios in central Melbourne.  The amendment is on exhibition until Monday 30 May 2016, with a panel hearing scheduled to hear submissions to be held on 11 July 2016. The proposed controls will apply to the Hoddle Grid and Southbank areas of Melbourne’s CBD.  The amendment proposes to make changes to Comprehensive Development Zone and Design and Development Overlay provisions and introduce new policies to implement:

  • A floor area (plot) ratio of 18:1, with discretion to agree to an increased ratio if all relevant built form parameters are met and an appropriate public benefit is provided;
  • No upper height limit, except for specific areas of Bourke Hill and the western side of Elizabeth Street;
  • Building tower setbacks with some flexibility, with setbacks including a street wall (podium) height up to 20m with discretion to increase the street wall height to 40m to match the existing streetscape and a minimum street setback of 5m for towers above the street wall (podium);
  • Reinforced shadowing and wind controls with both discretionary and mandatory overshadowing requirements to protect key public spaces at key times.

The proposed controls under Amendment C270 would replace existing interim controls that were put in place in September 2015 when the Minister for Planning announced a review of Melbourne's central city built form and introduced interim controls to manage development outcomes while the review was underway and permanent controls were being developed.

In releasing Amendment C270 for public exhibition, the Victorian Government has noted that the proposed changes will:

  • Replace existing provisions that are more than 30 years old and are no longer adequate for the current scale and density of development.
  • Guide development and support the long-term liveability and identity of Melbourne's central city;
  • Provide improved public amenity and deliver consistency and certainty that will ensure Melbourne grows in a way that enhances all that makes it the world's most liveable city and an attractive place to live, work, visit and invest;
  • Ensure the provision of space around tall buildings, protect important public spaces from overshadowing, including the Yarra River, and establish a reasonable floor area ratio for new developments;
  • Provide that developments that exceed the base floor area ratio will be matched by public benefits such as on-site public open space and laneways, or social housing within the development.

Amendment C270 may affect your land.  It is important to review the amendment and if required, make a submission to it.  MacroPlan can assist you with this review and submission.

For further assistance, please contact David Brown, General Manager – Victoria, today.