Springwood, Queensland: A summit success

Earlier this year MacroPlan were engaged by Logan City Council to prepare a prospectus on the future potential of the Springwood business district. Springwood is 20 minutes south of the Brisbane CBD on the M1 that connects Brisbane to the Gold Coast. As a commercial centre is has languished but the new Mayor, Luke Smith, has announced ambitious plans and sees Springwood emerging as the second CBD for south east Queensland. Macroplan agrees and the research and analysis prepared for Logan City Council supported the potential of Springwood as an emerging business centre of regional significance, once a number of hurdles are addressed. springwood

To advance awareness and understanding of the Springwood business district, Logan Council hosted a ‘Springwood Summit’ which attracted over 200 delegates from industry and the local community. The summit featured a number of expert speakers, including Ross Elliott from Macroplan’s Queensland office, to draw attention to both the potential of the Springwood business district and key issues for planning and development into the future.

For a review of the Springwood summit, including a number of podcasts and visualisations, please visit http://www.logan.qld.gov.au/planning-and-building/planning-and-development/springwood-summit.

If you’d like to learn more about the possibilities of the Springwood business district, or to discuss how we might prepare a similar prospectus for a particular area, please contact Ross Elliott to discuss.  Elliott@macroplan.com.au


About the author:

Ross Elliott Senior Business Advisor E: elliott@macroplan.com.au 
Ross brings close to 30 years’ experience in property and business consulting to Macroplan. Ross previously worked for the Property Council, as Executive Director and later National Chief Operating Officer. He was also inaugural National Executive Director for the Residential Development Council.  A prolific writer on urban economics he has a number of publications to his name and is nationally recognised for his ongoing contribution to public policy debate. 
About MacroPlan: MacroPlan’s experienced and qualified economists align their understanding of macro-economic forces with micro-economic variables such as geographic and industrial characteristics, demographics, labour market shifts, resource demand and commercial realities.  Contact Ross Elliott, Senior Business Advisor, today to discuss your property research requirements.