What does it take to become the worlds most liveable city for the next 30 years?

What does it take to become the worlds most liveable city for the next  30 years?  Brian Haratsis, Executive Chairman for Macroplan shares his view on this concept.

Brian was appointed by the Minister for Planning as the property economist to set the framework for Melbourne, Australia to extend its reign as the worlds most most liveable city to 2050. PlanMelbourne sets the challenge.  As Brian says, its all about inventing the future.  That’s what the Macroplan team has been doing in Australia for the last 30 years.

“We set out 30 years ago to set up a property brains trust for Australia and ended up creating a benchmark for the world by coincidence,"  said Brian.

"I studied at the London School of Economics and was headhunted to run the property tax round table for the Cambridge Institute at Harvard after working in Australia. One thing is for sure - you can make things happen in Oz."

Melbourne is now the fastest growing capital in Australia . This year New York , London and Melbourne will all build 40,000 dwellings .

“A solid start for the worlds newest global city and the worlds most liveable!" remarked Mr Haratsis who has now been appointed to the Metropolitan  Planning Authority Board to make the dream come true.


About MacroPlan: MacroPlan Dimasi’s experienced and qualified economists align their understanding of macro-economic forces with micro-economic variables such as geographic and industrial characteristics, demographics, labour market shifts, resource demand and commercial realities.  Contact Brian Haratsis, Executive Chairman today to discuss your property research requirements.

Brian Haratsis MacroPlan’s Executive Chairman is an economist and future strategist who has more than 30 years’ experience in providing detailed advice to governments and major corporate clients throughout Australia.  E: haratsis@macroplan.com.au P: 03 9600 0500