Adelaide Inner Ring Road Benefit Cost Analysis

Location:  Adelaide, South Australia Brief: MacroPlan was commissioned by Transport South Australia (TSA) to undertake an economic assessment of the costs and benefits of the Adelaide Better Roads – Inner City Ring Route. The road project involved the establishment of a ring route along the southern, eastern and northern boundaries of the City of Adelaide.  This analysis also included the upgrading of the North Terrace Precinct from the intersection with East Terrace to West Terrace.

Methodology:  The assessment undertaken in this report by MacroPlan reviewed traffic outputs (QRSAAN) produced by Transport SA and tested the social, economic and environmental impact of creating the Inner Ring Road within the scope of a Benefit Cost framework. This framework was then used to calculate the net present value and assess profitability of the project.

Result: MacroPlans’s analytical team found a number of benefits including travel time savings, road safety, residential development opportunities, savings attributable to population migration, employment time savings, induced tourism, commercial development opportunities, visual amenity, air pollution, induced shopfront improvements, tenancy take up of vacant office space.

Potential development opportunities which complement the benefits afforded to the establishment of the Inner Ring Road included potential employment, development and capacity for major events.