Ash Road, Prestons, Planning Advice

Project name: Ash Road, Prestons, Planning Advice Client: Arben Management on behalf of Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land Council

Location:Lot 1, DP 1143246, Ash Road - Prestons (NSW)

Brief: Prepare planning due diligence advice to inform a potential Planning Proposal to Liverpool City Council to rezone land from E2 Environmental Conservation in order to accommodate a Bus Depot.


Methodology: A detailed literature review of current planning policies and other relevant documentation relating to the site to inform development permissibility including: site Inspection; reviewing all State level planning policies and controls; reviewing all local planning policies that apply to the site including the relevant council LEP and DCPs (and related policies); title search; site constraints analysis; and a preliminary council meeting.

Result:  The Planning Proposal was not pursued by Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land Council. The subject site is still zoned E2 Environmental Conservation.  Unfortunately, the zoning and title limitations on the use of Lot 1 DP 1143246 are very restrictive, with limited recourse to address the situation. Both rezoning (planning proposal) and legal action options identified, presented to great an associated risk. Further discussions with the office of the Minister for Fair Trading and Minister for Land and Water Conservation were recommended with the potential to initiate a land swap.