Bentley-Curtin Activity Centre Economic and Employment Strategy

Project name: Bentley-Curtin Activity Centre Economic & Employment Strategy Client: Department of Planning WA

Brief: The Bentley-Curtin Activity Centre Structure Plan (BCACSP) was being prepared to support intensification of land uses within the Centre.  Concurrently, Curtin University was preparing a master plan for its site.  MacroPlan was commissioned to prepare an Economic, Retail and Employment Strategy for the BCSAC.  The client required the establishment of reasonable and justifiable targets for retail and commercial floor space areas across the BCACSP precinct having regard for market drivers, competing centres and the ‘specialised’ classification of Bentley/Curtin under Metropolitan Strategy ‘Directions 2031 and Beyond’.


Methodology: The purpose of our study was to:

  • develop an understanding of existing and future demographic trends and conditions;

  • set the retail functions in the wider sub-regional and local context;

  • develop a detailed understanding of the market potential for commercial, office, retail, education, research and development facilities and residential uses within the precinct;

  • investigate the potential impacts of expansion of commercial and retail activities within the precinct on the surrounding trade area, including existing (and planned) centres;

  • assess the retail and commercial projections;

  • clearly identify realistic retail, commercial floor space and overall employment targets to 2031 and set out effective strategies to achieve these targets in a staged approach; and

  • establish a framework for the development of BCSAC that supports a diverse range of commercial and retail functions and encourages the creation of diverse employment opportunities whilst still retaining its primary focus of science, technology, research and education.