Bowden Urban Village

Project Name: Bowden Urban Village Client: Land Management Corporation (LMC)

Location: Bowden, Adelaide (SA)

Project Description:   The Government of South Australia planned to develop a 16-hectare site which would eventually be home for 3,500 people. This project was expected to stimulate $1billion+ of public and private investment and provide Adelaide with its first inner-urban residential village.

The Land Management Corporation (LMC) commissioned MacroPlan to provide advice in relation to the potential development outcomes for Bowden Village, focusing on retail, residential and employment uses at the site.  Uniquely, this project provided an opportunity to deliver a major new urban Transit-Orientated Development (TOD).

Methodology:  This project was critically important to the Government and people of South Australia, as the Bowden development offered an opportunity to deliver a place making project that sits within a broader policy and strategic context - South Australia's Strategic Plan and the 30-year Plan for Greater Adelaide.

Initially the project team focused on developing detailed case studies (economic, feasibility and planning principles) of exemplary TOD’s — to ensure the research could focus on competitive advantages and benefits of a TOD based development.  Using this knowledge, our project team developed a conceptual framework which assessed current market conditions (retail, residential, commercial), demand and supply for future land uses and sizing / staging with regard to optimisation.  The findings where then tested internally, through a feasibility exercise and preparation of a series of options for further assessment.

Result:  Outcomes of this project were prepared to support the master planning process and core fundamentals in the delivery phase.  In April 2011 the Masterplan was approved. In 2012 the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) and the Bowden Design Review Panel announced the first four successful developers for Stage One delivery (ACDEV Pty Ltd, Rossdale Homes, Scott Salisbury Homes and Rivergum Homes).