Canberra City to the Lake

Location: Canberra (ACT) Overview: City to the Lake is a transformational project being developed within Canberra’s City Plan, and is integral to realising the City’s potential as it embarks on our second century.  The project is about creating a new public waterfront address and identity for the City.  It is about realising Commonwealth Park and City Hill as celebrated urban parks unified with the centre of the City.  The project connects the City across Parkes Way and includes several important civic projects.


Result: MacroPlan played an integral role in the concept development of this project through our consideration of residential and commercial lands that would be ‘unlocked’. These developments would generate revenues from land sales, which could be progressively used for the funding of public infrastructure and open spaces. Our analysis addressed the evolution of Canberra’s workforce and the contribution of overseas students, as sources of future housing demand. Financial feasibility modelling was undertaken to project the value and sequence of land releases within the precinct.