Car wash: Demographic Report and Site Assessment

Location: Suburban Perth (WA)

Client:  Building Solutions

Brief:  The project was undertaken to assess the development potential of a car wash facility in suburban Perth, Western Australia.

Building Solutions, the developer for this project, commissioned MacroPlan to investigate the socio-economic profile of the catchment, details of car ownership, local traffic movements and the competitive environment for car wash facilities.


Methodology:  A number of factors were investigated in order to assess the viability of a car wash facility on-site. MacroPlan researched the following:

  • Population forecasts;

  • Socio-demographic trends;

  • Car ownership;

  • Car wash use (global trends);

  • Average kilometres travelled (WA trends);

  • Local traffic estimates;

  • Competitive supply; and

  • Various car washing trends (Australian Car Wash Association).

Result:  MacroPlan's well-grounded research communicated the level of need for a car wash facility within the catchment.  This project is considered a prime example of combining a range of data sets in order to demonstrate the level of demand for a type of use that is very specific.