Central Christchurch Multi-Stage Advisory Services


In February 2011 Christchurch, the major city on New Zealand’s South Island, was devastated by an earthquake. The central city, including the previous CBD, suffered the most severe damage, and is required to be almost completely rebuilt. The Christchurch Central Development Unit, a division of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) appointed MacroPlan in late 2012 to provide a multi-stage advisory service to assist in the rebuild of the retail core of Central Christchurch.

Stage 1 of the research program, delivered in early 2013, provided an assessment of the underlying scope and potential for a new central city retail core, having regard to the factors which would determine its eventual success, including the regional context of Christchurch, the available potential customer segments, and the competitive context which a central city retail core would face in Christchurch.

Stage 2, delivered in August 2013, provided a detailed blueprint for the effective delivery of a new central city retail core. Underpinning the conclusions and recommendations of that report were detailed consultations conducted with all key stakeholders, in particular the various landowners of the central city area.

The Stage 2 report set out the recommended vision for the new Central Christchurch retail core, and identified the key ingredients that would be required in order to provide the vibrant retail core that Christchurch deserves. The relevance and importance of the enabling and supporting factors that will help to deliver a successful retail core for Central Christchurch were discussed, and recommendations were provided as to the next steps to be taken, to deliver the best possible outcome for Central Christchurch.

Further stages of this important project for Christchurch are to be undertaken as and when they are required by CERA, to continue to assist in the delivery of the new Central Christchurch.