Coomera Town Centre Needs Analysis

Location: Coomera (QLD)

Brief:  MacroPlan was commissioned by the Gold Coast City Council to prepare a needs analysis for the Coomera Town Centre, including consideration of retail and other town centre uses. The Coomera Town Centre is a Transport Orientated Greenfield Development projected to have 130,000 residents by 2026.

Methodology: MacroPlan used population/ catchment analysis to derive sustainable retail floorspace forecasts, which in turn informed a staged town centre plan. By understanding the retail anchors, the plan could focus on locating them in a configuration to ‘seed’ a main street and optimise the Integrated Transport Hub. Other uses that were analysed include tourism, leisure, health and government.

Result:  MacroPlan was consequently engaged by the Gold Coast City Council to undertake a competitive centre analysis and neighbourhood centres analysis to optimise growth within the wider Coomera area.