Dalyellup Demographic and Housing Assessment

Project Title: Dalyellup Demographic and Housing Assessment Client: Satterley Property Group

Location: WA

Project Description: MacroPlan Australia was engaged by Satterley Property Group to undertake a quantitative analysis of the existing and prospective residents of Dalyellup Beach. In particular, MacroPlan undertook a series of statistical research and modelling tasks to identify the socio-demographic characteristics of prospective residents attracted to the area and the nature of local drivers of migration to Dalyellup and the broader area.


Project Outcome: Through this analysis, MacroPlan developed a number of key recommendations and conclusions relating to:

  • The likely composition, product preferences and price points of the Dalyellup residential market;

  • the market/economic viability of non-traditional housing product;

  • the actions/tasks required to enhance/support the market viability of non-tradition housing product.