Developer Intentions Survey

Project Title: Developer Intention Survey Client Name: Queensland Urban Utilities


Description: MacroPlan was commissioned by Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) to gain market intelligence on the development pipeline beyond the Water Approval Process. MacroPlan surveyed the development community and undertook comprehensive research into the nature, timing and location of future development.

The purpose of the work was to inform QUU with respect to creating a more responsive Water Approval Process, infrastructure planning and capital delivery framework. The project provided estimates of developer intensions in the study area over a 5 year period. This was a pilot study and the report was to inform the final component of work which was the geospatial representation of developer intensions over the designated period.

Issues identified and resolution method:

  • A poor response rate was achieved for the Developer Intentions Survey (DIS), which requested information regarding timing and staging of in regionally-significant growth areas from property developers. In response, MacroPlan leveraged its relationships with major property developers in South-East Queensland and undertook a series of targeted interviews that provided a significant increase in the survey dataset.

Your strengths throughout the project:

  • Consistent communication with the client and project manager to resolve changes in data availability and methodology.

  • Ability to leverage relationships with the property industry to gather hard-to-obtain, but critical important and valuable, data.