Doncaster Hill Triple Bottom Line BCA

Location:  Doncaster Hill, Victoria Brief:  In 2001 MacroPlan was commissioned by Manningham City Council to provide a triple bottom line analysis of the costs and benefits of developing the Doncaster Hill precinct to support future accommodation of up to 8,300 residents over 20 years.

Methodology:  The assessment undertaken tested the social, economic and environmental impact of creating a high-density development node in the Doncaster Hill precinct and the sustainability outcomes associated with such development.

Consistent with Council’s policies in support of a sustainable community, the assessment tested the extent to which development in accordance with a strategy of increasing densities in Doncaster Hill would deliver sustainable and beneficial outcomes for future generations.

Result:  A range of economic, environmental and social benefits were identified, including a transport modal shift, infrastructure savings, energy and consumption efficiencies, and improvement in pedestrian safety.

As not all benefits/costs are quantifiable, the triple bottom line outcome was enhanced by applying analytical measures to the full range of social and environmental costs and benefits