Dunsborough Lakes Tourism Zone

Project name:  Dunsborough Lakes Tourism Zone Client: Aspen Group

Location: Shire of Busselton, WA

Brief: MacroPlan was commissioned by the Aspen Group to prepare a market demand assessment for the Dunsborough Lakes Tourism Zone.  The report required an evaluation of the the proposed development in the context of the current and forecasted market segments.

Methodology:   As part of MacroPlan’s assessment, demand and supply for residential/housing uses, retail, commercial office and tourist and recreation facilities were analysed, taking into account expected market conditions within Dunsborough and the Shire of Busselton.

MacroPlan focused on five key tasks as part of their approach:

  1. An economic overview of the Western Australian economy

  2. A residential demand and supply analysis to determine future residential opportunity at the subject site.

  3. A high-level tourism assessment with a focus on golf tourism and convention visitation.

  4. A retail assessment using an expenditure-based approach.

  5. A high level labour force assessment to confirm the need for office floorspace within the Dunsborough Lakes.

Result: MacroPlan’s high quality analysis provided a strong evidence base to support potential (residential, tourist facilities, retail and commercial office) development at the subject site.  The development options were provided to the client with recommendations.

Services: State-wide economic overview, residential demand and supply analysis, tourism assessment, retail assessment, labour force assessment