Elizabeth Quay - Mixed Use Development

Project name: Elizabeth Quay — Mixed Use Development

Location:  Riverside Drive, Perth Waterfront (WA)

Status: Report completed in 2012

Brief: Prepare a report on the design and planning of a mixed-use development within the Elizabeth Quay project.

This would require a market demand analysis, competition assessment, and provide recommendations in regards to key sizing and design elements.


Methodology:  This project began with a concept feasibility looking at a number of factors including; property market conditions, apartment developments, hotel developments, entertainment venues, and office developments. 

MacroPlan worked alongside a consultant team of architects to provide both functional and stylish development options. Along with the different development scenarios, a future forecast or outlook was prepared for each situation to provide our client with the highest understanding of their investment opportunities.                      

Result: MacroPlan were able to determine the market demand and make recommendations on the mixed-use development.  The projects sizing and use mix parameters were optimised, with integration of uses through the design and construction processes.  An investigation was performed into the value proposition for the client’s members and a preliminary business case was produced.

MacroPlan looks forward to continued involvement with this project as the development at Elizabeth Quay progresses.